About Us

Tipping Scale is a company which has a software about signal indicator of all Exchange. We named this software as “TT Points”. This said software ”TT Points” was developed since 2010. We took about 9 years to develop and we have gone through multiple stages of testing, analysis and tweaking for high accuracy before going out to public.

The objective is to make everyone able to trade from the trillion Forex market with strong core values of equal opportunity and innovation of Forex analysis software, we always put our efforts into enabling every people to unleash their true potential in financial trading market. Whether it is our product stability, user experience, training or education, we work hard to ensure our resellers and subscribers to have a pleasant trading experience.

We know that most of the people loss their money in Forex trade and the losing rate approximately up to 90%, With using our TT Points Forex Analysis Software, it can make your Forex trade accuracy up to 90%. It is definitely a treasure of breaking discovery! An Invention beyond our mind! Trading Volume & Power Trend created the charts!